tony testa posted on October 25, 2009 12:52

If you weren’t in a hole the past year then you’d know that the SharePoint Conference 2009 was this past week.  The odd part about the conference was that it was basically a SharePoint 2010 hype machine since the majority of the masses don’t even have access to SharePoint 2010 yet (except select partners, vendors, mvp’s, etc.)  Obviously they wouldn’t be having the conference if something wasn’t coming soon and now that the NDA has been lifted we can start blogging.  So without further ado…


SharePoint 2010 public beta will be in November 2009

(exact date is not known yet but needless to say we’re a month away)

SharePoint 2010 RTM will be the first half of 2009

(pretty vague yes but again, only at most about 6 months away)


Expect some more blog postings coming in the next week from me once I recap the conference and all the sessions I attended/missed.  Also, another KEY item to mention is that now that the NDA has been lifted, others will be blogging as well but keep in mind that those that will be blogging and have the bits only have the old bits, VERY few have the latest bits.  That means that all the info blogged will be subject to change and should not be taken as gospel.

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