Tony Testa posted on March 4, 2009 18:30

I guess I can say that I was blessed and cursed all at the same time when it comes to work.  I was luck enough to be a consultant working on billable projects up until now, and not just 1 project but typically 2-3 at a time.  Finally it looks like I have a few weeks here to be only on 1 project and one that is easy and something I can tap on old resources and knowledge I've accumulated over the years.  That being said it means I now have a bunch of backlogged blog postings that i’ve been meaning to put up for everyone to hopefully save someone some headaches.

Upcoming postings:

  • Fix for errors that SharePoint throws regarding SharePoint’s licensed being “expired”
  • Ideas for how to programmatically create sites and assign permissions and issues related with the process
  • Workflow emails not being sent; what to look for, what to make sure is there in the first place
  • Using PSTOOLS to make managing a SharePoint farm easier
  • How to parse SharePoint IIS logs
  • Basic SharePoint troubleshooting techniques
  • SharePoint “terms of use” page
  • SharePoint Dev. tools you should be already using
  • SharePoint Web Service Gotchas
  • Why NOT to use server names when dealing with SharePoint
  • HowTo: Silverlight and SharePoint integration: Basic steps to get started
  • Programmatically set Search results page


Obviously from the list above I have a lot I’ve promised and a lot of live up to but I can assure you these have all been in the works for awhile so 90% of the work is done.  More to come…

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