Thought i'd pass this along for anyone that is interested. Microsoft is having a free Silverlight firestarter event at the Malvern office on 2/21 (yes, its a saturday). The series of firestarter events have been pretty good and in a day give you a really good intro and fundamentals on some of the new MS technologies coming out. In addition, I'll be speaking on using Silverlight with SharePoint, so if nothing else, you'll get the pleasure of listening to me blab on and on.

I'm pretty excited about the event and the chance to speak at it. It gave me the proper motivation to learn more about integrating Silverlight and SharePoint.

Registration is free

After the event I'll be sure to post all slides and code for everyone.


(Updated 02/22/2009) 

I've zipped up the sample code that I presented yesterday at the Silverlight Firestarter.  As mentioned the movie player is broken for some reason, I just haven't had the time yet to look into it.  I also want to add another silverlight edit control which will read and write to a sharepoint list.  I realized during the presentation that I really should have included that.  Once I fix a few small issues and add that control, i'll update the zip. 

The zip contains the sharepoint demo solution that I used during the demo which has a working .WSP file which you can deploy.

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