Today I ran into a bit of an issue in a SharePoint server farm environment where I added a web part to a page, but for the life of me I couldn't delete it.  I clicked the 'X' button, I tried to edit properties, I tried to delete from the edit pull down menu, but nada!  I tried from the load balanced URL and from the Index Server but no dice.  I did a quick google search and hit this helpful link,

Basically by adding "Contents=1" as a query string variable to any page, you'll go directly to the web part maintenance page for that page.

Ex. http://{site url}/pagewithproblemwebpart.aspx?contents=1 will take you to the maintenance page.


Update 7/7/2008

The url above will actually redirect you to the following url. 

Ex. http://{site url}/_layouts/1033/spcontnt.aspx?&url=pagewithproblemwebpart.aspx


Between the two url's I provided you should be able to deal with problem web parts and get back to a working page with little downtime.

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