I was doing my usual blog rounds and ran across Jeff Atwood's latest post entitled "PHP Sucks, But It Doesn't Matter".  I have to say, I can't agree enough with Jeff.  Jeff, as usual, lays out his argument pretty convincingly.  In general, most of the PHP code you'll run across is messy, unmaintainable and you'll wonder how it ever works.  On the flip side to that, some of the most widely used web sites out there run PHP (Digg, Facebook, etc.). 

What does all that mean then?  Lots of messy code, but lots of successful web sites, how does that happen?  Again as Jeff explains, great programmers can make great applications using a crappy language (don't take this as me saying PHP is crappy, I've used it, I like it, I see its place).  I certainly share Jeff's opinion on the matter.  Most of the PHP code I have seen from others is pretty messy, and that's putting it nicely.  BUT if it comes to a 1 page survey application that needs to be done in 2 hours from now, PHP will be my pick any day of the week over C#.  You have to look at the language and what they were intended for though.  PHP was a web scripting language, so naturally, it is something that you can whip out small web app in with little effort.

Based on that, it makes me want to try that much harder to make something worthwhile with my .NET skills.  I want to prove myself as not only a programmer, but a great programmer that can succeed no matter what language he works in.  My current challenge right now is SharePoint development.  I don't think I am stating anything mind blowing by saying SharePoint development is slow going.  Simple modifications end up taking 2x maybe even 3x to test and verify they are working.  So my ultimate goal is to bypass that hurdle and be more productive with my SharePoint development tasks.  Some possible solutions to this are writing small utlity apps that speed my development efforts, which I hope to release to CodePlex so that others can benefit.  Right now my current goal is to release a SharePoint log reader application, more details to come on that soon.


Update (05/23/2008): Just ran across another link listing some other great, successful PHP applications.

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