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It's a pretty well known fact that SharePoint 2007 exposes most of its Object Model through web services.  In my experience though, I always forget the address of the web services as well as forget which web services there are.  So with that being said, here is a link to the MSDN page listing the web services SharePoint2007 Web Services.  The link is handy....but it only tells you the methods, it doesn't always tell you the address to get to the web service at.

The web service .asmx files are located at "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\ISAPI"

Every SharePoint Site has a virtual directory known as "_vti_bin" which maps to the above directory.  Don't believe me?  Open up your IIS management console, go to one of your web apps, and look where "_vti_bin" maps to in the file system.


Here is a list of the web services:

Name URL Description
Administration http://<AdminSite>/_vti_adm/Admin.asmx

Ok....this one is the only different one out of the web services.  The Admin.asmx web service performs naturally...Admin functions thus it is behind your Central Admin site and require appropriate admin permissions.

Provides methods for managing a deployment of Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services, such as for creating or deleting site collections.

Alerts http://<Site>/_vti_bin/Alerts.asmx Provides methods for working with alerts for list items in a SharePoint site.
Authentication http://<Site>/_vti_bin/Authentication.asmx Specifies a client proxy that provides user authentication for SharePoint sites that use forms-based authentication.
Copy http://<Site>/_vti_bin/Copy.asmx Provides methods for copying files between SharePoint sites or within a SharePoint site.
Document Workspace http://<Site>/_vti_bin/Dws.asmx Exposes methods for managing Document Workspace sites and the data they contain.
Forms http://<Site>/_vti_bin/Forms.asmx Provides methods for returning forms that are used in the user interface when working with the contents of a list.
Imaging http://<Site>/_vti_bin/Imaging.asmx Provides methods that enable you to create and manage picture libraries.
List Data Retrieval http://<Site>/_vti_bin/DspSts.asmx Defines the filter used in a query against a data source provider.
Lists http://<Site>/_vti_bin/Lists.asmx Provides methods for working with lists and list data
Meetings http://<Site>/_vti_bin/Meetings.asmx Enables you to create and manage Meeting Workspace sites.
People http://<Site>/_vti_bin/People.asmx Provides methods for working with Principal objects.
Permissions http://<Site>/_vti_bin/Permissions.asmx Provides methods for working with the permissions for a site or list.
SharePoint Directory Management (in stssoap.dll) Provides classes that enable requests for various management operations for e-mail distribution groups.
Site Data http://<Site>/_vti_bin/SiteData.asmx Provides methods that return metadata or list data from sites or lists in Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services.
Sites http://<Site>/_vti_bin/Sites.asmx Provides a method for returning information about the collection of site templates on the virtual server.
Search http://<Site>/_vti_bin/spsearch.asmx The QueryService class is the entry point for calling the Search in Windows SharePoint Services Query web service.
Users and Groups http://<Site>/_vti_bin/usergroup.asmx Provides methods for working with users, role definitions, and groups.
Versions http://<Site>/_vti_bin/Versions.asmx Provides methods for working with file versions.
Views http://<Site>/_vti_bin/Views.asmx Provides methods for working with views of lists.
Web Part Pages http://<Site>/_vti_bin/WebPartPages.asmx Provides methods for working with Web Parts.
Webs http://<Site>/_vti_bin/Webs.asmx Provides methods for working with sites and sub sites.

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