Unfortunately due to weather, the Philly Office Geeks meeting was cancelled so I was never able to present about the SharePoint API's.  I was also pretty bummed because I got some pretty funny/geeky T-Shirts made up that I was going to give away after the speech.

On the plus side for you, is that I've placed my presentation slides and code samples up on this site.  The samples consist of a WinForms application that has roughly 12 examples how just SOME of the things that you can do with the SharePoint API.  I think that the samples do a good job of showing you some of the basic concepts around developing against the SharePoint API, as well as get show just how powerful and useful programming against the API's can be.  I frankly could have made up at least another 12 code samples (which I hope to finish and put up in the Code Samples section of this blog).  One of the samples I'd really like to build out is the backup sample.

I believe that the meeting will either be rescheduled, or else I'll present at another one of the monthly meetings, so all my work of preparing for the presentation won't be in vein.

PhillyOfficeGeeksSharePointAPI.zip (1.15 mb)

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