I'll be giving the Philly Office Geeks keynote next Tuesday, so come one, come all!

I haven't finalized the presentation yet (that's what Tuesday afternoon is for, right?!??!), but what I plan to do is really dive into the SharePoint API's and show you how much you can do through code.  I personally hate the SharePoint front-end, I'm more of a code monkey so I'd much rather work with the API's.  I plan to show some decent demo's that will hopefully give you enough insight into what is possible through the API's, and also get your brain churning with idea's of how to use this in your org.  In addition, I'm planning on walking through the default SharePoint web services that are available to you and how you can use those in your code as well.

So if your not busy or want to learn more about how NOT to be a SharePansy, then stop by.

(I'm also planning on giving a few shirts away that I had made up, so you can walk away with a free prize!)

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