Tony Testa posted on December 30, 2007 04:47

I HIGHLY recommend that you download the following ASP.NET Dynamic Data Intro screencast and check it out.  I just watched it and it looks really easy/powerful.  In a nutshell it combines the power of ASP.NET,  LINQ, and new features in .NET 3.5 to create a web view of the database you define.

Looks like you could whip up some really cool views of your database in no time at all with this technology.  In addition it allows you to create custom data type templates so that when it maps a field to a data type you can control how it gets displayed.  It also has some nice custom validation that you can add onto it to make it a pretty powerful data driven site.

I'm not quite sure of its business value just yet.  I can easily see it being used to give some of your users easy views of your database and you have the ability to customize what they see.  I can also see it being used for e-commerce sites to quickly get product pages etc.  As for business systems the right now the only use I can see is for getting some prototypes up and ready for users in little to no time. 

Watch the video to see some of the other cool features.

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