Tony Testa posted on October 5, 2007 00:00

Over at Scott Guthrie's blog, he announced that with the release of .NET 3.5/VS2008 and going forward, developers will have access to the source code for the .NET libraries!

This is pretty damn cool because it's going to allow us, as developers, to debug/step into the source code for the .NET libraries and find out how things work underneath.  With seeing how things work underneath, we'll be able to built better, clearner, faster applications because we'll have a better understanding of where to improve/refactor our code.

I strongly encourge you to check out Scott's blog post about this, it has a good example of the DataBind() method and how you can step into it to see how it works.

*** The same can be done using Reflector, but the source code will come with comments and such which may help you out.

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