Tony Testa posted on September 27, 2007 00:00
The company I work for, Perficient, is BIG into Sharepoint 2007, specifically the Philadelphia Business Unit.  Now that I am done with the current client I've been at for over a year and a half, I'm going to be learning anything and everything there is to know about Sharepoint 2007 so that I can start working on projects with it.

With that, I decided to make my little side project, DT3 into my Sharepoint Sandbox.  I'm going to completely revamp the site (won't be hard since there isn't much there) and make it 100% Sharepoint 2007 based.  I'm also going to try to incorporate other technologies into it to show how Sharepoint 2007 can leverage other techs.  Currently it is hosted elsewhere, but I am going to host it myself so that I can have full control over the site and the addt'l technologies I'd like to include.  As I go along and add to the site, I'll try to use it as an example for some blog postings.

*** What does DT3 stand for?  Deep Thoughts Think Tank....DUH!   We're a think tank where we don't guarantee the quality of thought, only that we're always thinking. Check out the site as I am going to try to keep it updated regularly.

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