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I’ve been getting a TON of comment spam on my blog the past few months and I’ve kind of let it go.  This week I am going to work on implementing CAPTCHA or something similar to see if I can reduce the spam that I am getting.  Hopefully I haven’t missed anyone’s legit comments that get emailed to me, so if I did, I apologize in advance and will hopefully have it resolved shortly.

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tony testa posted on November 16, 2009 03:33

This past weekend I presented at the SharePoint Satuday event in Cleveland.  As with all the SharePoint Saturday events, they have gone off pretty smoothly and I was glad that I could be a part of the event.  I got a chance to talk to some of the other speakers as well and met some really cool people out there.

My session was on doing Enterprise development and deployment with SharePoint 2010 and I hope that I was able to pass along some knowledge I’ve gained over the years.


Presentation Link : Code/Slides

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I’ll be speaking at SharePoint Saturday Philly and Cleveland coming up here in a few weeks.  My goal is to provide an good demonstration of how to do enterprise level development techniques and deployment with SharePoint 2010.

SharePoint Philly Nov. 7th

SharePoint Cleveland Nov. 14th


If your not familiar with SharePoint Saturdays it is basically an all day code camp (on saturday obviously) but entirely filled with SharePoint sessions.  Oh yeah…did I mention its free?  If you didn’t attend the recent SharePoint conference then this is a great, free, and local chance to get a good deal of the same, if not more helpful, information that was a the conference.  The other point to mention is that these code camps will be focusing more on SharePoint 2010 but will still have some SharePoint 2007 sessions.

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tony testa posted on October 25, 2009 12:52

If you weren’t in a hole the past year then you’d know that the SharePoint Conference 2009 was this past week.  The odd part about the conference was that it was basically a SharePoint 2010 hype machine since the majority of the masses don’t even have access to SharePoint 2010 yet (except select partners, vendors, mvp’s, etc.)  Obviously they wouldn’t be having the conference if something wasn’t coming soon and now that the NDA has been lifted we can start blogging.  So without further ado…


SharePoint 2010 public beta will be in November 2009

(exact date is not known yet but needless to say we’re a month away)

SharePoint 2010 RTM will be the first half of 2009

(pretty vague yes but again, only at most about 6 months away)


Expect some more blog postings coming in the next week from me once I recap the conference and all the sessions I attended/missed.  Also, another KEY item to mention is that now that the NDA has been lifted, others will be blogging as well but keep in mind that those that will be blogging and have the bits only have the old bits, VERY few have the latest bits.  That means that all the info blogged will be subject to change and should not be taken as gospel.

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First off if you don’t know what jQuery is by now then this post probably won’t make a lot of sense to you, so in that case visit jQuery’s website and get back to me when your a web 2.0 expert.

It was just announced that Microsoft is going to host their MS Ajax javascript libraries and jQuery libraries for you on their CDN servers.  Check out Scott Gu’s post on the matter but to make a long story short, MS has “strategically” placed servers all over the world that will serve up the MS Ajax and jQuery libraries for you.  All you have to do is include your <script src=”{insert js library favorite flavor}.js”> in your HTML and have it point to the appropriate JS file on Microsoft’s CDN server(s).  Check out all the versions it supports on the Asp.Net AJAX CDN site.

This is obviously pretty cool because chances are Microsoft’s servers will have better uptime than your own so you can pretty much rely on that JS file always being there.  In addition, its free for anyone to use, commercial or non-commercial.

You may be thinking to yourself “wow, that’s so cool of Microsoft, they are really thinking of the little guy!”, which isn’t a COMPLETELY wrong statement, but did you know that Google has been doing the same thing for quite awhile now?

If you check out jQuery’s website, the jQuery authors themselves even recommend grabbing jQuery from google’s site, check out How jQuery works and look at the “Complete Example” section near the top.

Also, if your interested, have a look at Google’s page and see what other js libs they host for you (hint: jQuery, Prototype, Yahoo YUI, Dojo,

So, how do I leverage either the MS or Google CDN for my jQuery js files?  Simple! see below

Google: <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
MS: <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

*** If your asking yourself what is the difference between “jquery.min.js” and “jquery.js” the answer is that the “min” means that the js file is compressed meaning it has whitespace removed, making it significantly smaller resulting in less download size for your users which results in your sites faster page loads.


Great! Now your going to go and change all your <script> tags in all your projects to use either the MS or Google CDN version of jQuery, right?!?!?!?!  Now hold up there partner!! Take a step back and think about this and what it means to your app and where your app lives.

Ask yourself these questions:

Is your app on the internet?

Then I would say you should probably be using of the two CDN’s for your jQuery libraries because your app is internet facing and the js files will be served up quicker to your users and your pages will load faster.

Is your app an intranet app?

Then take a step back and think this one out logically.  What server is going to serve up the jQuery libraries faster?  Google? No!  Microsoft? No!  A server on the intranet? BINGO!  A server on your intranet more than likely serve up the js files a hell of a lot faster than a users PC having to call out to Google or MS to get the js files.  (Yes, a caching server may help matters)

For all you SharePoint junkies out there like me the two questions above are VERY relevant.  Chances are the majority of SharePoint sites your working on are going to be intranet facing sites and therefore your still better off hosting the js libraries yourself.  BUT, if your working on a SharePoint INTERNET facing site, then one of these CDN’s should be something you seriously consider because SharePoint takes long enough to load a page so any increase in page load times you can make will go a long way.

Moral of the story time.  Take a second and think to yourself before just reading a post out on the interwebs and implementing it.  Think about the effects it will have on your app and be sure to take into account YOUR environment.

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