I was digging through MSDN today working on another issue and stumbled upon this nice link, http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms478597.aspx which lists the Protocols you can use with WSS v3.0.  I knew about the Remote Procedure Call which uses Frontpage Extensions.  The other 2 protocols were basically new to me, but pose some interesting options for ways to work with WSS v3.0. 

Stssync protocol - "The stssync protocol enables you to add an Events list or a Contacts list that exists on a Windows SharePoint Services site to Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 or to a third-party application that supports the protocol."

Url Protocol apparently as I found out uses the owssvr.dll to process commands sent to it.  It allows you to get data out of a list in HTML or CAML.  You could then take the CAML, parse it, and embed the results in your custom application.


These 3 protocols give you some interesting ways to get data out of your SharePoint installations, use them in your other apps, further cementing SharePoint in your workplace.  What this also means is that by adding these into your toolbelt, you make your self not just a SharePoint developer, but a SharePoint developer that can help tie your companies business applications together, no matter what language the apps are written in, distinguishing yourself and making yourself more valuable.

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