Tony Testa posted on September 16, 2007 00:00

(this post has been a long time coming since i never had a blog)

I gave a SQL Server Integration Services talk at the Monthly Philly.Net Users group on 6/20/2007.

The talk went well.  The room was packed...i'd say about 50+ people.  My Company, Perficient Inc. sponsored the event and a fellow co-worker of mine Afshin Zavareh gave a talk as well on Sharepoint 2007 Features

My talk went over what SSIS was, how it replaces DTS, and then I went into some demos of how to use SSIS for some common ETL operations.

The presentation files are located here.

I learned a great deal about SSIS at the client that I am presently at, so I had plenty of experience with it, roughly 6months+ working with it fulltime.

I realized after giving the talk that I could easily do another talk on Advanced SSIS topics, such as logging, configuration files, etc.  I am going to try to come up with another presentation of those topics so that I can present it at another meeting.

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