Dino Esposito has a GREAT AJAX architecture article in the September 2007 issue of MSDN magazine.  It's a multiple part article and Part 1 goes into the basics of ASP.NET AJAX.
Whats really noteworthy in this article is that Dino drills down and shows you whats going on behind the scenes with an partial page request using ASP.NET AJAX and shows you some optimization tweaks you can make yourself to help performance a bit.

At the last talk I gave on ASP.NET AJAX,  I had put in place the groundwork for people to see that ASP.NET AJAX makes incorporating AJAX into your existing .NET 2.0 web apps, but that simplicity comes at a price.  One audience member put that together and asked if a partial-page request goes through the full page lifecycle and unfortunately I had to let him know that it does.  This series of articles should help show how you can optimize the performance.

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Tony Testa posted on September 27, 2007 00:00
I finally got my hands on the evaluations from the ASP.NET AJAX presentation I gave a few weeks back.  As a whole they are pretty good.  I appreciate all those that attended my session and gave me feedback.  The feedback REALLY helps me out because i've only given a few tallks/presentations so far, so I really use the feedback to see where my weaknesses are so that I can build off my next talk.

Thanks again!

For anyone that cares to read them, you can grab a zip of them here.

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Tony Testa posted on September 16, 2007 00:00

I spoke at the Philly.NET Code Camp 2007.2 yesterday.  It was a good code camp, lots of different sessions to suite all tastes.  They also annouced that Philly.NET is now incorporated, so that they can collect more money and put on more of these events.

I spoke at 1:30 on ASP.NET AJAX.  I felt it went pretty well.  Not as good as I would have liked, but its really only my second talk at an event like this, so i feel i did pretty good.  I do see some room for personal improvement on these speechs so I hope for my next talk that I'll take into account those improvements and give an even better speech.  I even managed to squeek a Sharepoint AJAX-Enabled webpart demo into the presentation.

You can find my presentation here.

The event was really well run.  You could tell the imporvements from last time (not that the last one was by any means bad).  Plus this time i didn't find out that i needed to bring a shit load of breakfast food @ 5PM the day before.

I attended the following sessions as well  :

Tony Lombardo - Advanced Tips for ASP.NET Developers

David Mann - ASP.NET Providers in SharePoint 2007

Miguel Castro - Recruiters: the Good, the Bad, & the Ugly

All were good, but Miguel Castro's was by far the best.  The content had no programming what so ever but it was just well done.  I think i could learn a lot from Miguel about doing these talks.

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