In my current client engagement I've been working on a MySite implementation, so naturally I've had to mess with the Shared Services Provider quite a bit.  For reasons unknown to me, the SSP/MySites got messed up and I had to delete them.  The problem was that you can't easily delete a SSP from the central admin, so once again STSADM to the rescue....

stsadm -o deletessp -title <YourSSPTitleHere> -force

The key here is -force, depending on the situation, if you don't add -force, your SSP won't be fully deleted.

I'll be speaking tonight on the windows SharePoint API at the Philly Office Geeks April meeting.  I was supposed to speak back in February but due to weather the meeting got canceled.

I believe that I am to present at 7PM, before that though there is free PIZZA!!!! and also another presentation. 


All the slides and code samples can be found in my presentations section of my blog, download the presentation "The SharePoint front-end is for wimps, real men use the SharePoint API's".


Hopefully there is a good turnout.

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